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There are many ways to go on safari and some are clearly better than others. I can tell what I always look for before I pay the deposit. Learn all you can about their experience in the locations you are booking AND the services they provide before, during, and after your adventure of a lifetime! Let me tell you about all of the services I provide my safari clients.

I’ve been teaching people just like you how to make better images for over 15 years. Of all of the fantastic places I’ve seen, none compare to an African Safari. I have traveled on more safaris than I can remember, but it’s close to 365 days in Africa and over 600 game drives over the past 15 years. I often am asked the question, “How can you go back so often?” The answer is quite simple. No two safaris have ever been the same, and I see new and awe-inspiring things every time! I have every confidence that my extensive firsthand experience and professional photography expertise will provide you with a fun, productive, unforgettable safari experience.

I went on a dozen or more safaris before I even dreamt of leading groups on Safari. I learned a lot about what worked for a photographer and, more importantly, what did not! I took that experience and started interviewing safari companies to look for someone with the same passion for excellence. Over the last 6 years, I’ve spent a lot of time with the guides and management of the safari company that I frequent. This lets me be very successful in planning incredible Safaris! I create safaris that will maximize your photography experience as well as your comfort. My groups are small, typically 5 clients. This allows me to provide as much one on one time as each guest wants or needs. Also, I ensure each client has their own row in the vehicles. There are several considerable benefits to having your own row, and the value this represents is significant!

Your Own Row on a Wildlife Workshops Safari

Your Own Row on a Wildlife Workshops Safari

  • Never miss a sighting because there is no “wrong” side.
  • Space for your gear makes for quick access.
  • You can move out of the sun.

During your time with me, my entire focus is to serve as your safari and photography concierge. My help goes way beyond game drive planning and helps you become a better photographer than when you arrived. My considerable experience is an essential part of why you should join my trips. I have photographed at all of the locations and know when and where to create the best photos. I have been on over 600 safari game drives. There are not very many people that have had the opportunity to gain this level of experience. I have learned how to get things done and fix any problems that may arise while traveling in the wilder parts of the world. 

  • A client had a catastrophic camera failure, so I gave him my camera for the rest of the trip. 
  • Another client did not have enough hard drive space to download her images, so she used mine.
  • I’ve loaned lenses, memory cards, cables, toothpaste, and just about everything else that can be lost or left behind. I’ll be there to save you too! 
Before You Leave for Africa

I will have as many phone conversations as needed to go over what to pack and, more importantly, what not to pack! I’ll help you make the right decisions on the gear that you will need. I’ll go over what camp life is like and even let you know how to have a fantastic bucket shower! As the commercials say, “you have questions, I have answers…for all of them!”

Photographers of all skill levels are welcome to join me on Safari. I have had people arrive with their camera still in the box. And long-time shooters with way too much gear. So far, I’ve been able to help them all take their best photos! 

During Your Safari, I will:
  • Help you navigate the travel process for our flights to the various camps.
  • Helping you set up your camera for the Safari.
  • Explain how to pre-visualize for higher keeper percentages.
  • Provide insight into animal behavior, so you can get the best shot.
  • Offer feedback on the images that you make.
  • Show you how to best compose the subjects.
  • Demonstrate how to improve your workflow and editing skills.
  • Teach you how to say cheers in Swahili for your first sundowner!
After the Safari

My assistance continues after the Safari as well. Once you are safely back home and decompressed from our incredible expedition, I am still available to help. You can reach out for my help for any of your photography needs. There is typically no charge for my follow up services. Bigger jobs like building you a website, for example, would have an agreeable price.

Here are a few of the many things I can help with:

  • Image reviews
  • Provide List of Birds and Animals Seen
  • Editing and Workflow advice
  • Website suggestions
  • Future Trip Advice
  • How to create an image, e.g., Milky Way photography
  • Gear advice
  • Pretty much the tag line, you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers applies!

I doubt you really need another reason to join my safaris, but supposing all of that is not enough to convince you. In that case, you should also know I am very entertaining, and nothing makes me happier than having fun and making sure that you are having some fun too.! Have no fear, come on a photographic adventure with me, and we’ll create some great images, learn one thing or ten, and share some laughs. On your workshop with me, I’ll do my best to ensure that You Will Be Amazed!

One Last Thing!

Join me on Safari, and I will send you a memory book from the trip—a coffee table-worthy book filled with memories from our time together. The book will include images of you, the trip, and some of the pictures I created.

All Smiles with Jeff on a Safari!
Jeff Wendoerff with Happy Safari Clients
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