Upon Request Photography Workshops and Tours

I offer a wide variety of workshops all over this planet. Other planets coming soon! No matter your style, photographic focus, or skill level, I can help you be a better photographer. I continually work to keep my offerings fresh and attractive to my clients. My crystal ball is usually on point, but perhaps I whiffed on your photographic bucket list. With that in mind, here is a selection of workshops and tours that I can do Upon Request.

I’ve tried to include some guidance about the costs and number of people. I can manage huge groups, I took 100 people on Galapagos Cruise! I can manage your group too! Let me know where and or what you want to photograph, and we can make a plan!

Tigers and Wildlife of India

You have probably enjoyed seeing tigers in zoos and on television, but that pales compared to the majesty of wild tigers.

Bald Eagles in British Columbia

The stunning Bald Eagle is a photographer’s favorite. You don’t have to go to Alaska to see more eagles than you can count, they all come to British Columbia!

Maine Coast

The beauty of the Maine Coast is unparalleled in the USA. Quaint villages, sensational harbors, amazing lighthouses, and PUFFINS! Oh, and the Lobsta Rolls!


The glory of fall foliage in Vermont is hard to beat. Picture postcard-perfect scenes are around every corner.

Ontario in Fall

I like fall trips in Ontario because there is so much more to photograph than colorful leaves. There are waterfalls, cityscapes, wildlife (Moose, Fox, Pine Martin), and a portfolio filling number of birds!