NPL is a community of like-minded people learning photography skills in an exciting online environment. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, this is your opportunity to develop your own photographic style! We want you to make images that you are proud of, and we can help!

NPL Membership Benefits

For as little as 50 cents a day, your NPL membership provides unlimited access to professional photography instruction and a whole lot more!

1 – One-on-one virtual presentations and tools that will help you develop your post-processing skills.

2 – Virtual education and tutorials will help you will learn new photography techniques.

3 – Our species and travel information packages will help you create more productive photographic holidays worldwide.

4 – Our field guides are tools that you can download right your phones, so this information is at your fingertips while you create images.

5 – Industry discounts

6 – Community interaction so you can forge new friendships around the globe.

It will be a pleasure to help you learn new skills and evolve into a superstar photographer.

Join NPL and Learn from a pro and not your cat!

Join NPL and Learn from a pro and not your cat!

Learn Post Processing

We will conduct seminars each month on different editing techniques. We will dig into each topic every month, from wildlife to landscapes to night skies, and macro. These seminars will be virtual, at least for now. You’ll watch videos of professional photographers demonstrating post-processing tricks and techniques. You can watch live on your favorite device or watch the online video at your leisure.

The seminars are interactive via the magic of screen sharing. We can watch you edit your image and offer suggestions. Alternatively, we will edit your photos, and you can follow along. Hey, we can even do both! It’s really your preference on how you want to learn. A typical session should be about an hour.

Monthly Newsletters

If life gets in your way or you’re off the grid for a few days, no worries, you won’t miss a thing. Each month you will receive a newsletter with links to all of the new content created by the pros and our guests at NPL.

Learn New Photography Techniques

We provide relevant, easy-to-understand articles with shooting tips that will help you bring out the very best in your images.

You will have access to written blog posts and PDF handbooks. These useful resources illustrate the various nature photography shooting skills you will find valuable in your real-world photography.

Facebook Community

One of the benefits of belonging to any community is meeting like-minded people and forging new friendships. Our private Facebook group will introduce you to photographers from around the globe. This private group will be your online portal to communicate with your peers. You can share images for comments and see questions and issues other photographers like you face. You’ll learn a thing or two, make new friends and have fun!

learning photography virtually

Guest Speaker Series

You’ll hear inspirational, real-life stories from some of the world’s best nature photographers and learn how they create their images.

These events will be online, and you can access them at any time and from anywhere. You could even watch on the couch in your underwear. Please don’t overshare that one!

Image Reviews

We firmly believe that image reviews are the most valuable teaching technique we provide. As a member, you can receive one-on-one image reviews live online, by email, or phone or well just about any way you would prefer.

We can share computer screens so that you can see the image review in real-time. This allows you to hear and see how a professional photographer thinks about the same scene.

You will receive a written summary of your image reviews. This report is a great reference tool that allows you to refer back to your pros teaching points.

Each member receives one critique session each month. We will critique as many or as few images as you want during a session that lasts about an hour.

screen sharing image critiques

Screen sharing image reviews is the best learning experience!


We all love a good deal — That’s why we have negotiated exclusive discounts with vendors for our members. You will receive our partners’ list and the values they offer. The discounts will be for accessories, camera gear, printing, and clothing.

Private Access Blog

Tips, techniques, gadgets, and photography industry news will be created just for you. We will do all the work and scour the web for the latest information that you want to read. This will be your one-stop source for the tools and photography industry news you have told us you wish to read.

eBooks and Tutorials

Free copies of our eBooks and written tutorials are available to NPL members.

1 – Want to go on a trip but don’t like traveling in groups? – Our field guides will help you create your own journey with confidence even though you might not have been there yet.
2 – Want to go photograph a specific animal? – Our species overview PDFs will help you locate and photograph these species.
3 – Have you ever been on location and struggled to remember a tip you read about? – Our field checklists can easily be downloaded on your device. These will be excellent guides to refer to while out traveling on your own.

Social Media and Sales Advice

You have invested all this time and money to learn how to create better images. But how do you recoup that investment? As a member, you will receive advice on how to grow your online presence and sell your work.

This information will be delivered to you in the blog and in the monthly newsletter.

And One More Thing!

Everyone who registers for the Nature Photographers Lounge will receive a discount on any workshop equal to their membership fee. In other words, if you join one of our workshops, your membership in NPL is free! How cool is that? Think of your membership like you are investing in your future. Your NPL lessons are predominantly one-on-one, and that does not happen very often during the field workshops. You will learn the skills you need and not a workshop group’s generic skills during your NPL sessions. Your real-world workshop will be way more productive with the skills you have learned in The Nature Photographers Lounge!

One More Surprise

Join The Nature Photographer’s Lounge

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