Jeff was well organized and informative from start to finish

This was my first trip with Jeff and I can guarantee it will not be my last. Jeff was well organized and informative from start to finish, with a very pleasant and genuine caring for each of the clients on the trip. Jeff made sure everybody was inclusive, and gave just the right feedback to every client. From the beginning in Nairobi, at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage we knew this was going to be something special. Everyday was amazing and Jeff was excellent at instructing the drivers to get us in the right spot at the right time to take some awesome photographs. Our regular sundowner drinks at the end of the day was the perfect way to spend time with fellow travellers and reflect on how lucky we were to have just experienced nature at it's best. Every night the mantra amongst our group was "it just keeps getting better".

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We cannot imagine a better leader and safari

My husband and I took Jeff’s Kenya Workshop in February 2020 and we cannot imagine a better leader and safari. Jeff is personable, knowledgeable, intuitive and downright funny. He has been visiting Kenya long enough that the agenda is fine tuned as to which camps, guides, vehicles & drivers we use, as well as knowing the optimum timing for the trip. The locations of our three awesome tented camps gave us an interesting variety of ecosystems and wildlife. Most of our game drives were in conservancies which means less crowds and the ability to drive off the trails to get close to the wildlife. Jeff and our Maasai guides were well versed on all the local flora and fauna and knew the history and personal stories on several of the individual animals and lion prides that we saw. Jeff is very observant and will casually offer suggestions like “be mindful

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Impressive wildlife photography expertise

I first met Jeff Wendorff on one of his wildlife workshops and was most impressed with his expertise and experience with wildlife photography. When I learned he does a yearly Africa Photo Safari, I signed up immediately. I was not disappointed. Jeff hand-picked the 3 Porini Camps for our Kenya trip, selects his jeep guides and is the perfect host. The guides find where the wildlife are, put you in a perfect position for action shots considering lighting conditions and with only 3 per jeep, you have plenty of room to move around and stow gear. The lodging, food, and camp staff are outstanding at each camp site. Great stuff. I'm going back this year with Jeff to do it all over again. From lumbering elephant herds towering beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro, to black-mained lions, to leopard with cubs, to cheetahs on the hunt to rare spotted dogs to fantastic Africa

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Exceeded Expectations

I recently returned from a Safari to Kenya with Jeff. I've been to Africa four times and this safari exceeded my expectations. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful experience!

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