(Last Updated On: March 31, 2019)

My parents took my brother and me to Disney World in Florida in the early 60s, just a few years after the opening and boy was that ever an adventure. I could not believe how incredible the Jungle Cruise ride was, and I am sure I begged to go on it over and over again. I’ve been back and gone on the cruise several times, and I have to say it is still a fun ride and a fantastic blast from the past.

When you safari with me, you’ll no doubt notice my homage to the Jungle Cruise with my amusing banter and pithy commentary! If you were not sure, you would enjoy my safaris that should spark you to join me on my next Safari! 🙂 I just saw in the news that you can now go and have breakfast to prepare for the Jungle Cruise!

Dine amidst the flora and fauna as the sun rises over the world-famous Jungle Cruise in Adventureland.

Disney also says, Becoming a Jungle Cruise skipper is no easy task. It takes years of training and practice—or at least a boat and a megaphone. In the interest of grooming our newest batch of recruits—totally unrelated to rumors of skippers joining the local tribe of headhunters—we invite you to our Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure. I know that I would have probably passed out with the excitement of that adventure! I am equally sure my parents would have passed out with the $300 per person price that does not include the entrance fees to the park! Ouch!

If you have not taken your stroll down memory lane here is a video showing how the ride works these days…

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