(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

It has been 1,228 days since I wrote this review and I still use the same one I bought then and it has never failed to deliver!

The Watson Duo Camera Battery Charger has been a game changer for me and I’m so happy to have it in my camera bag. When I bought my Nikon D750, I was kind of bummed that the included battery charger was a rather lame single battery charger. So I went shopping and found the Watson. Let me tell you about it…

Pretty cool don’t you think? For those of you tech nerds (I’m with ya!) here are all of the glorious details from the Watson website.

Watson Duo Camera Battery Charger

The Duo LCD Charger for BP-800 Series Batteries from Watson conveniently charges two batteries simultaneously, drawing power from either an AC wall source (an AC cord with two-prong plug is included) or a 12/24V DC power source (a DC car charger is also included). Additionally, the Duo Charger features a USB power output to charge and power MP3 players, phones, digital cameras, and other devices with a USB power input.

With two easily interchangeable plates, the intelligent charger can also be used for other battery models that are not listed above via the separate purchase of an additional battery plate that’s compatible with the intended battery model.

The intelligent charger features an LCD display that graphically shows charge status for both batteries. This allows you to test batteries instantaneously, so you can easily decide which Li-ion cells to bring with you for the day. With protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuit, the Duo Charger safely, conveniently, and quickly recharges up to two compatible Li-ion batteries and one USB-powered device.

Dual Bay Charger – Charges two batteries simultaneously.
LCD Display – The LCD display shows charging status, charging voltage, USB output, and DC output.
USB Output – Charge or supply power for MP3 devices, mobile phones, digital cameras, and other related devices with a USB power input–even while you’re charging your digital camera or camcorder batteries. USB output is also displayed on the LCD.
Test Button – Test the charge of a battery even with the Duo Charger unplugged by sliding the battery into the charging plate and pressing the Test button. Press the button a second time to display the voltage of the battery.
Safety Features – Short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, and overheat protection.

Final Thoughts Watson Duo Charger

If you are a two camera brand photographer, like me, I think you’ll find that the Watson Duo Camera Battery Charger is a huge upgrade from the charger that came with your camera. When you consider that you can now travel with one device albeit a slightly larger one, you’ll be even happier!

For my safaris, I am always concerned about redundancy and weight. I travel with backups for all of my critical photography needs. If your camera charger dies in the middle of Africa, you are out of luck. I must also keep in mind the dreaded 35 lb weight limit. Watson gave me a hand with a faster higher quality and more flexible charger. I still take the original small chargers as a backup, just in case!