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Photography mentoring has been an essential element of my photography workshops for almost 20 years. Once you take a workshop with me, you are part of my Wildlife Workshops family! That means that you have permission and are encouraged to reach out with questions. In this new era of limited travel, ugh, I am extending photography mentoring to every photographer on the planet!

I saw these quotes online, and I believe they perfectly represent how a mentor like me can help you be a better photographer.

“Mentoring is a supportive learning relationship between a caring individual who shares knowledge, experience, and wisdom with another individual who is ready and willing to benefit from this exchange, to enrich their professional journey.” – Suzanne Faure

“The purpose of mentoring is always to help the mentee to change something – to develop their skills, to realize their vision.” – Mike Turner

I have learned from several photography mentors over the years, and in fact, I still ask my long time mentor for advice. 

Mentoring is a timeless way to learn. The word itself comes from Greek mythology. Odysseus, the king of Ithica, left his son in the care and tutelage of a guardian named Mentor! If kings trust mentors, don’t you think you need one too?

What Can Photography Mentoring Do For Me

Photography mentoring will help you improve your photography. These improvements are not limited to pushing the shutter button, that is usually the least valuable advice. The real benefit is learning to think and see like a professional. Even if you have no desire to earn income from your photography, a pros skillset will make you a better photographer.

Image Critiques

When I was a beginner, I found that the best and fastest way to improve my photography was receiving critiques from a professional. I’ve critiqued thousands of images over the years, and I only made one person cry. He deserved it, so don’t feel bad, and don’t worry, I won’t hurt your feelings.

Image Processing Workflow

I have been teaching Lightroom since 2006, and over those years, I have refined my process to the point that it has been several years since made significant changes. I can untangle your processing spider web and make your process faster and simpler.

Camera Settings

You would be surprised how many people don’t know how to set up their cameras. Let me show you now, so once we can travel again, you’ll be all set!


I have been building sites forever because I was frustrated by my webmaster. They took forever to make changes or upload images, and I taught myself how to do it all myself. If you want to build a new site or you would like a site review, I can do that for you.

Image Composition

This kind of falls under image critiques, but I like to pre-visualize compositions. This way, when I am out photographing in the wild, I see photographs and not just a bear in the woods. Working on composition skills now will pay dividends once you are on a real workshop again.


If it has to do with photography, I am happy to help you figure things out virtually.

  • New gear questions?
  • Old gear questions?
  • Photography destinations?
  • Wine Pairings?
  • Printing?
  • Self Publishing Books?
  • My Photography Inspirations?
  • How Does Mentoring Work

The most common way I have mentored my clients is via email and or text exchanges, and the most common advice regards image critiques. I am happy to communicate with you via zoom, WhatsApp, facetime, voice, carrier pigeon, or anything else that makes you comfortable.

What Does Mentoring Cost?

That is easy, probably nothing, zip, nada, zero bucks! Something like building a website will have a cost, but otherwise, my virtual workshops are free.

In the new normal after Corvid-19, there are more options like in person one on one workshops. You or you and your friends can join me on location for some hands-on advice.

Get in touch with me, and you’ll see the benefits of receiving the guidance from someone that has been there and done that and loves teaching and  sharing a passion for photography.

More Photography Mentoring Information

I have written some blog posts that illustrate how mentoring has helped my clients.