Dragonfly Photography Tips

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Dragonfly photography is incredible and not as hard as it seems. With these dragonfly photography tips, you'll quickly be creating breathtaking photographs right out of the gate! There are four keys to making a successful dragonfly image. You will need to master Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, Focusing, and Composition. Shutter Speed You will need a fast shutter speed to freeze the wings of a dragonfly in flight. The amount of motion in a dragonfly image is also subjective. As a result, shutter speeds from 1/1200 to 1/4000 of a second will provide good results. Leaving movement in the wings adds to the feeling of the dragonfly in action. Frozen wings will provide a higher level of detail. This image has strong wing blur and was taken at F8 with a shutter speed of 1/1250. This image has modest wing blur and was taken at F8 with