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Rows of Lavender Provence Lavender Photo Workshop

Best Provence Lavender and Landscapes Photography Workshop

By late June, most Lavender in Provence is in bloom. The summer months in Provence are painted in the rich palettes of blooming lavender and sunflowers. Together we will meander through the aromas and visit many small castle-like towns, intimate alleys, and endless fields of color. We’ll pay special attention to the landscapes of the Valensole plateau, with its beautiful lavender blooms. This is the same area that inspired Van Gogh and Picasso, so we will use their masterpieces as our photography inspiration.

You can expect inspiration and composition suggestions in the field and help process your images when not photographing. We have also added special events of culture to this trip. We will be bringing along a model one day to create unique photographs with a human element.

Sunkissed days in Provence, walking in the footprints of Van Gogh as the aroma of lavender envelops you as you photograph one of the most spectacular landscapes in France. If that sets your mind ablaze with visions of photos to come, register now!

  • 7 Nights and 8 Days

  • Small-Group – 8 Clients

  • 2 Professional Instructors

  • All Inclusive

  • Difficulty – Easy, but the food may wreck your diet!

Lavener Field Provence Lavender Photo Workshop
Foggy Valley Provence Lavender Photography Workshop

July 2-9, 2023


Avignon, France


$5895 – Double Occupancy

$6395 – Single Occupancy


Flowers, Landscapes, Architecture, Markets, Culture

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