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Paris Opera Paris Street Photography Workshop

Best Paris Street Photography Workshop

I’ve spent a lot of time visiting and photographing Paris. After the first half dozen times, I started to look beyond the oh my goodness, that’s the Eiffel Tower, for the smaller photography opportunities. I’ve found many hidden locations that you might overlook or not bother to photograph without our help. I’ve also worked to find unique vantage points of the iconic places, so your photos will stand out from the crowd. We have tried to think of ways to make it instructional but allow you time to enjoy all that the city offers. We have quite a few ideas for events to keep everyone happy and ensure we have fun. Here is a tidbit, we will photograph a French Chef creating a fantastic meal that we will then consume and take selfies of to send home! We’ve made some Parisian friends, and one happens to be a model, and she will tag along to provide some much-needed life or, as they say in Paris, Oh La La to our images! By the way, I’ve never heard an actual Parisian say Oh La La, so let’s keep that in our group!

We also invite you to bring along a non-photographer plus one to enjoy Paris with you. Ask us about the details.

If you have never seen the city of lights, you should join this Paris Street Photography Workshop. You’ll get some unusual images to go along with the iconic Paris photos. If you have been to Paris but did not go with us, then you need to come along to add some new images for your portfolio.

  • 6 Nights and 7 Days

  • Small-Group – 8 Clients

  • 2 Professional Instructors

  • Includes lodging and some meals

  • Difficulty – Easy, but there is a lot of walking

Louvre at Night Paris Street Photography Workshop
Traffic Eifflel Tower Night Paris Street Photography Workshop

June 24-30, 2023


Paris, France




Street Photography, Monuments, Abstracts, Night Photography

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