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(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)

Best Osprey and Burrowing Owl Photography Workshop

Osprey and Burrowing Owls are among the most coveted species by bird photographers. Burrowing Owls are adorable, animated, expressive, and unique. Burrowing Owl chicks have all of that times ten. The Osprey is equally awe-inspiring with its iconic talons extended dive at over 50 mph (80-kph) for their prey. Prepare to have your mind blown because I have a photography workshop that features both Osprey AND Burrowing Owls!

Southeast Florida is the Osprey capital of the world, and the crown jewel hotspot for Osprey is Blue Cypress Lake (BCL). BCL boasts over 300 individual Osprey, and biologists say it is the highest concentration of “Sea Hawks” on Earth.

Alternatively, the Southwest portion of Florida is home to more Burrowing Owls than anyplace else in the USA. There are more than 1000 of the lovable owls in the area we will be exploring for this workshop.

I never make promises for specific birds on a photography trip, but I promise that you will see Burrowing Owls and Osprey on this trip!

Ospreys and Burrowing Owls Workshop Highlights

  • 7 Nights and 8 Days

  • Small-Group – 4 Clients

  • Professional Biologist/Photographer Guide

  • Professional Photographer Leader

  • Custom Photography Boat

Learn About the Osprey

I wrote a blog post about the undoubtedly awesome Osprey. The 15 Osprey Facts You Probably Don’t Know is full of fun, fascinating facts, and a couple of things that I made up, Shhh!

In Your Face Osprey Flying With Prey

May 5-12, 2021


Blue Cypress Lake – Vero Beach, FL

Cape Coral, Florida


$1995 – Single Occupancy


Osprey, Burrowing Owls, Birds


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