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Paris Street Photography Sainte-Chapelle. This stunning gothic chapel from the 13th century is one of several often overlooked and yet very photogenic locations that we will explore together on the Paris Street Photography workshop.

The one place in Paris that is as impressive the 10th times as the first is Sainte-Chapelle. The chapel was constructed in the 13th century by Louis IX (Ultimately Saint Louis) to house more than 20 religious relics he collected. Unimaginably he acquired relics such as a piece of the cross, a nail and the Crown of Thorns. Here is a fun fact, the chapel cost the King 40,000 livres to build, and he paid 130,000 livres for the Crown of Thorns.

The “quaint” chapel is 2 levels. The first was for the King’s officers, and perhaps the lesser nobles and the breathtaking 2nd story was for the King and his friends. It has about 6500 square feet of the most magnificent stained glass in the world depicting some 1300 scenes from the Bible. The stained glass at Sainte-Chapelle is the oldest in Paris.

Sainte-Chapelle Rose window in the King's Chapel - Paris Street Photography Workshop

Sainte-Chapelle Rose Window in the King’s Chapel

The magnificent rose window in this photo illustrates the Apocalypse of John and the return of Christ in Glory. The rose window was not part of the original design and was added in the 15th century.

The Sainte-Chapelle is a shining star of the Rayonnant period of Gothic architecture. The Rayonnant design philosophy moved from structure design to decorative design, and clearly, Sainte-Chapelle excels in that regard. In the King’s Chapel every centimeter has been painted, gilded or stained!

Just below the stained glass in the King’s Chapel, you will see statues decorating the columns that hold the stained glass. These figures are the 12 apostles.

The lower chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and also has beautiful, but far more modest stained glass windows.

During the French Revolution in the late 1700s, the chapel was sacked, and many of the 22 relics collected by King Louis were destroyed or looted. Of the 22, only 3 remain, and they were moved to Notre Dame after the Revolution. Thankfully, they survived the recent fire.

I have a couple of spots left if you would like to visit Paris with me on November 2019. It’s a fun, relaxing, and portfolio filling trip. You can even bring a friend along at no extra charge! On the Paris Street Photography workshop, I’ll show you some places that most people miss, like Sainte-Chapelle!

Photo Gallery Sainte-Chapelle in Paris

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