(Last Updated On: April 25, 2020)

New Photography Tutorials

New photography tutorials and photography stuff, in general, have been neglected on my original photography blog, Jeff Wendorff Photography, for years, and that was dumb! There just has not been much time to spare. Now that we are in corona time, I made time!

There are several new photography tutorials, and many include video tutorials too. I tried to keep them short and sweet at about 4 minutes each.

New articles include:

Object Removal with Photoshop

In the tutorial, I show you 3 easy ways to remove major distractions from your photographs.

Local Photography is Smart and Productive

With travel being nearly impossible, do what I do shoot hyper-local in your yard. I will show you how.

Overlay Tools in Adobe Lightroom

In this article I show you how to crop images for more impact using the overlay tools in Lightroom.

Do you have a new photography tutorial that you would like to learn more about or perhaps a tip you would like to share, leave me a comment, I do love to hear from my photography peeps!