(Last Updated On: July 25, 2019)

The chase was on during my last safari! What fun this sighting was with the pride’s dominant male asking one of the ladies out on a date…she was not as keen on the idea as he was… They went at a full-on run for at least a kilometer, including so close to the Land Rover that I could not focus on the action. She finally convinced the big boy, by outrunning him, that she was not interested in an amorous tete a tete!

male lion charging female

He’s gaining on her.

male lion running

She was just too fast for the big boy!

We may or may not see such a thing on our safari together, and I never make promises about what you will see on a safari. I’ve been on hundreds of game drives over the course of my 17 trips to Africa and never once has a game drive been like any other one! However, I will promise you this, you’ll see some cool nature as you’ve never seen it before and have a wonderful one of a kind adventure.

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