Lion Chasing Lion on Kenya Photo Safari

The chase was on during my last safari! What fun this sighting was with the pride’s dominant male asking one of the ladies out on a date…she was not as keen on the idea as he was… They went at a full-on run for at least a kilometer, including so close to the Land Rover that I could not focus on the action. She finally convinced the big boy, by outrunning him, that she was not interested in an amorous tete a tete!

Two lions running to close to focus on an Awesome Photo Safari in Kenya with Wildlife Workshops!

Too close to focus on the action


Male lion outrun while trying to interact with a lioness on an Awesome Photo Safari in Kenya with Wildlife Workshops!

The big boy was just too big to catch the lioness.

We may or may not see such a thing on our safari together, and I never make promises about what you will see on a safari. I’ve been on hundreds of game drives over the course of my 17 trips to Africa and never once has a game drive been like any other one! However, I will promise you this, you’ll see some cool nature as you’ve never seen it before and have a wonderful one of a kind adventure.

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