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We’ve all got stories of bad experiences of workshop leaders. On one game drive in South Africa, I remember 20 of us being piled into the back of a flatbed truck. On another trip, I was in my car, and the workshop leader was busy photographing out of the window while I drove! I later discovered another workshop leader didn’t share the best locations with his group… and there are plenty more horror stories to tell! The workshop leader can make or break your photography workshop, so choose wisely.

Ask Questions!
When I set up as a workshop leader 15 years ago, those ugly workshop experiences fueled my desire to ensure my clients have the best opportunities to improve their photography and to photograph at the best locations. Ask questions before joining a photography workshop and make sure you are amazed and not bummed!

Ask Questions!

Since day1 I was determined that my clients would have the best opportunities to improve their photography and to photograph at the best locations. You can improve your odds of joining a workshop that meets your needs, by asking some questions upfront.

  • Have they photographed the location before? Some leaders may run trips to finance a visit to a location.
  • Are they actively taking photographs? Make sure that they there to help you rather than fill their own portfolio.
  • Is it a workshop or a tour? In general, workshops will have an active teaching component, whereas tours may not.
  • How many people are in the group? Choose workshops with smaller groups for more personalized attention.
  • What equipment do they use? Make sure they understand your gear.
  • When you look at the instructor’s images, do you have similar focal length lenses?

Join Wildlife Workshops and discover a world of wildlife and nature photography workshops with expert instruction and stunning locations. I started leading workshops in 2004 and since then have led hundreds of workshops and helped more than a thousand people to become better photographers.

Wildlife Workshops is based in Oregon, USA and offers a wide range of photography workshops on five continents. I specialize in working with small groups and providing an active teaching component on all workshops. I can offer clients one-on-one tuition, customizing the classroom sessions to the specific needs of the group or the individual. Wildlife Workshops puts you in the best of the best locations in destinations around the globe: Kenya, Brazil, Mongolia, France, USA, Panama, Patagonia, and Canada.

You’ll make some great images, learn a thing or three about photography and have fun along the way. You will be amazed!

Wildlife Workshops Testimonials

Here are some things that my clients have recently shared.

I must say this trip was amazing on all fronts. I truly enjoyed photographing with you, and I also very much appreciate all of your time and the one-on-one education you gave me on Lightroom. Sharing your workflow process with me and straightening out my library added frosting to the cake, so to speak. Best of all I enjoyed our social outings. All in all a fantastic trip.  – Charlie N. July 2017

I want to thank you again for what I learned from you in the discussion sessions. You helped me take my work to the next level. – Dee E. November 2016

Jeff kept his promise: I was amazed! Amazed at the beautiful animals, amazed at the beautiful settings, and most importantly, amazed at the shots I took home with me. – Jan T. June 2017

I recently returned from a Safari to Kenya with Jeff Wendorff. I have been to Africa four times and this safari exceeded my expectations. Thanks Jeff for a wonderful experience! – Harry M. January 2016

Reflecting back from this workshop…seriously once in a lifetime experience. My excitement is over the top when expressing it to others. Thank you so much for everything! – Rebecca D. July 2017

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Now that you know what you can expect from my photography workshops and that it is going to be awesome, head over to my photography calendar and find a workshop that suits you!