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I have been doing this for a long time now, and I must be doing something right as a large percentage of my clients come on more than one trip. Their referrals have been fantastic too. I’ve been leading photo tours and workshops full time for almost 15 years, my previous life in corporate America included teaching, leading creative teams and organizing major events. My workshops bring all that I have learned together into one terrific package that I call, Wildlife Workshops!

My dedication to making sure you have an amazing experience is second only to my passion for the natural world that I have been exploring for years now. One of my clients calls my workshops “funshops” because he says I am fun and I try my best to make sure that we all have a good time learning, photographing and traveling to amazing places.

Have no fear! Come on a photographic adventure with me, and we’ll create some great images, learn one thing or ten, and share some laughs. On your workshop with me, I’ll do my best ensure that You Will Be Amazed!

Answers to Previous Questions

I lead photography workshops around the world and I specialize in small groups typically less than 8.

I’ve been doing this for 15 yrs.

My tagline is “You Will Be Amazed” and I am seriously bummed if I fail…I rarely do because I am a really good photographer and more importantly teacher.

My photos have enhanced books, magazines, billboards, museum murals, and cans of cat food in China.

I try to make workshops personal for each client giving them as much help as they ask for or as much as I that I feel they need.

Even though I travel all of the time, like 70% and I have flown over 3 million miles now, I suck at time math, but I’m good at travelling so it’s OK.

I designed cellular phones in my previous life and hold several patents, but I’m not a huge tech geek. I am however a food, wine, and bourbon geek.

If I could only photograph one thing in the world, it would be birds. I love bird photography, and I have skills that I would like to share with you.

I shoot Nikon, but I speak photography, and I will help you with your equipment, easy peasy!

My bucket list includes Borneo, Dalmatian Coast, Breaching White Sharks, Snow Leopards, and the Arctic Circle. When can you leave?

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