(Last Updated On: May 21, 2021)

Fun Facts about Bullock’s Oriole, one of many beautiful birds that we may photograph on the Texas Bird Photography Workshop.

It was once thought that the Baltimore Oriole and the Bullock’s Oriole were the same species and they were briefly named the Northern Oriole. It’s fixed now!

Another fun fact about the Bullock’s Oriole is that this is one of the few birds that seem to be aware of their own eggs and will break and push parasitic birds (like Cowbirds) eggs out of their nest.

The collective noun is a split…ugh. I actually spent a few minutes chatting with my google assistant, and we could not find any reason. It’s an old Dutch word that meant to break up a ship. Orioles are generally brightly colored so, I think an Aurora of Orioles would work as the collective noun!

The Texas Bird Photography Workshop is on the cusp of their territory, but we may get lucky and photograph them!

Fun Facts - Bullock's Oriole Texas Bird Photography Workshop

Bullock’s Oriole Texas Bird Photography Workshop

Bird Photography Portfolio – Orioles

I have photographed a number of orioles and that are all gathered in my bird photography portfolio of Orioles.

More Fun Facts?

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