(Last Updated On: December 10, 2016)

One of my favorite places to photograph is Ontario, Canada and it is exceptionally beautiful in the fall. It’s a perfect winter wonderland and as I like to say it’s, a “target rich” location for photographers. I promise you’ll be that you’ll be exhausted, and triumphal as we photograph the heck out of Ontario on this six-night seven-day photography workshop.

Fall In Ontario Workshop Video

I made a short commercial for this workshop that I think will give you a great feel for what the workshop was like in 2016.

Fall in Ontario – Photography Workshop from Jeff Wendorff on Vimeo.


Think about this for a second, the Fall in Ontario Photography Workshop you can learn about: landscape photography, wildlife photography, bird photography, macro photography, astrophotography and long exposures! You get all of the that in just one workshop and not six! Plus we are going to have fun, I mean we are staying at a winery on Pelee Island.

Fall in Ontario Workshop Details

Here are the basics for the workshop

  • Small Group – 8 clients
  • Local Guides
  • Two Instructors
  • Six nights and seven days
  • All Inclusive
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • $2995 (Double Occupancy)

You’ll be able to get the rest of the details and register for the Fall in Ontario Workshop page.