(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

Ecuador’s incredible nature is one of the reasons that I am offering a new Birds of Ecuador Photography Workshop for 2020. With all of the wildlife that lives in such a small space, it is bound to be the most productive photography workshop you have ever joined. BTW, I call it a bird photography workshop, but there will be a ton more subjects to focus on!

Ecuador’s Incredible Nature by the Numbers

Ecuador’s Landscape
  • Worlds Longest Mountains
    • The Andes run the length of Ecuador and South America
    • Andes are 4500 miles (7242 kilometers) long
    • More than twice the length of the Rockies
    • With a peak elevation of 20,548 ft (6263 m), Chimborazo is the highest mountain in Ecuador
  • 65 volcanoes of which 27 are considered active.
  • Ecuador straddles the equator and is bisected by the Andes Mountains.
  • There are seven primary ecosystems in Ecuador
    • Rainforest
    • Andean Cloud Forest
    • Paramo Grassland
    • Deciduous Forest
    • Marine
    • Coastal
    • Wetland
ecuadors incredible nature red headed barbet

Red-headed Barbet in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Wildlife

Ecuador and Columbia are always competing for the title of the country with the most birds. New species still being discovered, and it’s hard to say who is ahead today. In the official rankings, Ecuador is currently second, but they have the densest bird population.

  • 1,640 species of Birds,
  • 16% of the World’s Population
  • The most bird species per square meter
  • 52 species of birds that are unique to Ecuador
  • 132 species of Hummingbirds also the most in the world 

Ecuador is the most biodiverse country in the world and is the smallest of the 17 countries nominated as “mega-diverse.” Remember that this concentration of biodiversity taking place in a country that is the same size as the state of Arizona!

  • 4,500 Butterfly Species, 
    • 25% of the World’s Population  
  • 420 Amphibian Species, 
    • 8% of the World’s Population 
    • 50% of the amphibians are exclusive to Ecuador
  • 345 Reptile species
    • 5% of the World’s Population
    • 30% of the reptiles are exclusive to Ecuador
  • 427 Mammal species
    • 8% of the World’s Population
    • 30 mammals are unique to Ecuador
  • 4,400 species of Orchids  
    • 14% of the World’s Population

I am exhausted just thinking about Ecuador’s Incredible Nature, but so excited to go back and see some more! 

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