(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)

On my last safari, we had a fantastic time at Porini Rhino Camp. In particular, our encounter with a jovial troop of Olive Baboons stood out mostly because it was so much fun to watch and photograph.

We packed a bush breakfast so that we could get out on safari with the sweet morning light. After our morning game drive, we got to a beautiful place along the river; we discovered that a troop of baboons was also enjoying the location. There were perhaps 40 baboons of every age, some grooming, some sleeping, some fighting and some playing. It was AMAZING and highly entertaining. All of us (Nicholas our guide included) were laughing out loud at their antics. We watched them for perhaps 45 minutes before the hunger pangs had set in and we shushed them away so that we could have our breakfast.

About Olive Baboons

The Olive Baboon or Anubis Baboon is named for its coat, which, at a distance, is a shade of green-grey. Its alternative name comes from the Egyptian god Anubis, who was often represented by a dog head resembling the dog-like muzzle of the baboon.

Baboons have several official collective nouns, including troop, flange, and congress. Troop is accurate, but not very evocative; I believe that bark is a much better name for a group of baboons.

Baboon Photography Gallery

If you are looking for images of baboons, you can check out my portfolio. You can see what I’ve seen, buy a print or license an image for your publication.