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Best Vancouver Island Photography Workshop

The unspoiled beauty of Vancouver is has been protected and remains pristine. There is also a tranquil feeling tp the old growth forest that is awe-inspiring. Between the Lish setting and our gentle coaching, you will create special photos on this workshop. Get on board today!


Best Mongolian Eagle Hunter Photo Workshop

Best Mongolia Eagle Hunter Photography Workshop We have been invited into the Kazakh Eagle Hunters world because of my co-leader Kevin's ten-year relationship with Eagle Hunters. We will travel to Ölgii province to meet the Eagle Hunters, their families, and their eagles. We'll journey up into the mountains with them and watch as they exercise their birds. After several days of photographing this community, we then travel into the heart of the Gobi Desert to meet the traditional Bactrian camel herders. Bactrian camels are the lifeblood of the Gobi people—used for meat, milk, fur, and transportation. The ability of the camels to survive and thrive in arid conditions cemented their importance along the infamous Silk Road. You will get a private tour of the history of Mongolia, a private dinner, and a concert filled with traditional Mongolian music. Between these two excursions, we will visit some of the monasteries and museums in Mongolia. We have even rented out an entire museum for our group. This trip is fully customized based on our extensive experience in the country. You will have efficient and comfortable accommodations and our own private chefs outside of Ulaanbaatar. In Ulaanbaatar, it's decadence and a spa pampering experience at one of the best 5* hotels in Mongolia! Are you ready for an epic adventure? Join Kevin Pepper and Jeff Wendorff to Mongolia deep into the Mongolian countryside to places few get a chance to experience. 11 Nights and 12 Days Small-Group - 8 Clients 2 Professional Instructors Local Guides and Translators All Inclusive Difficulty - Easy unless you decide to climb the dunes DATES October 5-16, 2024 LOCATION Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia TUITION $8495 SUBJECTS People, Sand Dunes, Wildlife, Horses, Birds. Landscapes Email Jeff for more details and to be on the mailing list People Are Talking About Jeff Wendorff's Photography Workshops

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Choosing a workshop leader can be daunting. It’s a lot like going on a first date and you are the one paying the bill! Here are few things about me to remove any doubt about hiring me as your workshop instructor.

  • 15 yrs experience with over 1000 clients
  • Full time photographer and instructor
  • Dedicated to ensuring you learn, create, and enjoy

I have a lot more about me to share, but wanted to keep it quick here on the homepage, but please read on and get to know me!

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